The Beatles’ Happy New Zealand New Year

It is a warm and sunny New Year’s day in New Zealand. How did we get to 2015 already, I wonder. It’s a passing thought, as soft and gently fading as the fat lazy clouds dotting the baby blue sky as they sail silently out to sea. I am having a day of reverie and a day of catch-up with an old friend I have not heard from in a very long time. The internet is a marvel of information and connection. It finds people who were never meant to be lost and puts them back where they belong – as solidly in your life as they have been in your heart. It feels good and now I am sitting in my lounge chair, looking out at the hills and down into the valley. It is summer in New Zealand which means a sensory overload of fragrance and color. Intelligent Design, I think, is confirmed by the infinite variety of life – a Mind, I am guessing, that is easily bored with monotony and, therefore, is compelled to create infinite variety of life and form. Creators, it seems, must create lest they cease being creators.
I can hear the sound of someone mowing his lawn. A sound of a radio, wafting up the hill, is playing old Beatles tunes to welcome in the New Year. It is comforting to know that old friendships and old songs never really die. The time may fly but some things stand still forever in our hearts and minds. Good on them.
May every one of you have a joyous New Year, wherever in the world you are. May God grant the peoples of the world a way toward peace and unity. May every good intention overcome every bad one. May we be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise enough to know how and when to share all these things with those not quite as fortunate as we. Peace and Love to you all.


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