Pathways of Learning with Sr. Marie Pappas

I will be a guest on Pathways of Learning with Sr. Marie Pappas – this Saturday, October 4.

The show airs at 7:00 am and 6:00 pm EDT across the U.S. and Canada on The Catholic Channel – SiriusXM – channel 129

The discussion will focus on the first book of The Brotherhood of Purity trilogy and how the authors were inspired by their experiences of 9/11 to write this book. I will share the story of the mystery man who saved my life and how I found the grace- through the gift of authorship, and storytelling – to work through the pain, and help the healing begin.

We’ll also begin a discussion on terrorism and terrorists. This theme will be more fully explored on later programs.

My heartfelt thanks to Sister Pappas; she is inspiring and a delight to be with.