Hi folks,

The haiku from the pages of our novel, ‘I fly across time, born as flesh, reborn as spirit, guiding those I love’, became all too real this week.

Those words rang in my head; a desperate prayer, while I watched the memorial service in honor of a kind and courageous woman, whose husband I have worked with at DoD for many years, killed in the senseless shooting at the Navy Yard.

Lost in my thoughts on the long drive home, experiencing that same hollow dismay as during the aftermath of 9-1-1, the common thread among the recent shootings, the incident in Boston and September 11 became clear.

Leading up to all these events were clues and hints and indications, signs along the way portending what was to come; all ignored by good people.

The title of Chapter 1, ‘Because Good Men Do Nothing’, makes me wonder if perhaps, we all share, in a small way, the responsibility for the terror gripping our world.

If the ‘heart of God is healing’, and I believe that it is, maybe now it is time, for all those of good will to act, and put a stop to this endless woe. If anyone has a suggestion, please share!

Thanks for reading and God bless.



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