Thoughts Upon Launching a New Novel

Welcome, friends, to the first post of The Brotherhood of Purity blog. Our hope for our readers is that they will, first and foremost, find the story entertaining and engaging. We hope the characters, the story, and its message will resonate with you well after you close the book on the final page. Our hope for this blog is that the story will provide many edifying and stimulating ideas for discussion based on the first assumption of the novel – the Oneness of Humanity. Our ultimate goal, aside from its entertainment value, is to raise consciousness and to generate ideas that, perhaps, can morph into a new paradigm of relationship building. Learning to see our essential oneness, despite our different cultures, values, and beliefs, is humanity’s most challenging goal at this period in our collective evolution. Recognizing this fact is merely the first step in creating an integrated and peaceful world. Mechanisms must be developed that facilitate understanding and genuine communication amongst different peoples on the planet who are all competing for scarce resources and who all yearn for freedom, autonomy, and justice. As the weeks go by, and more and more folks read the blog and join the conversation, we will have many opportunities to open our minds and hearts to each other and really hear.

Love and Peace to All,

Connie Atkinson and Thomas Di Carlo